What are the Best Hackintosh Laptops?

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Apple’s OS X or macOS operating system but don’t want to invest in an Apple computer? Well, hackintosh lets you run Apple’s OS X or macOS operating system on a non-Apple laptop or desktop computer.

As a hackintosher myself, I know that picking the right laptop for your hackintosh can be a daunting task.

Not all laptops are fit for hackintosh. In this post, I’ll give you a rundown of my favorite hackintoshes that I’ve built and a few that others have built.

I am going to look at the factors you need to consider before buying one. Later in the post, I’ll review five of the best hackintosh laptops in the market.


Best Laptops for Hackintosh Reviews

The iMac is the most beloved Apple desktop for the Mac enthusiast. But if you want a great hackintoshing laptop experience, there are a few other alternatives.

You can go for a Mac laptop, but they tend to be a bit pricier and heavier. Or buy a laptop and use it to build a Hackintosh.

The best laptops for Hackintosh have the lightest hardware in them and they are the easiest to install OS X.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 is a standard budget laptop that houses 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD, which is usually enough for most day-to-day functions.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

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The laptop has an operating system of Windows 10 and has a screen size of 15.6 inches.

The 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD hard disk make this one of the best laptops for Hackintosh.


  • The laptop has a 15.6-inch screen. This is a good size for students.
  • Acer aspire has 8GB RAM.
  • This Hackintosh laptop has an average battery life of 7 hours.
  • It has a good powerful internal speaker.
  • The laptop has a fingerprint reader. This is great for added security.
  • Acer aspire has two built-in microphones.


  • Acer Aspire has excellent battery life – can last up to seven working hours.
  • The laptop is fairly priced for those specs.
  • The internal speakers are audible enough.
  • The screen is bright and clear with no dead pixels.


  • The laptop has no DVD burner.
  • Acer Aspire laptop has low storage capacity. The 256 GB is not enough for most of us.
  • The laptop has no backlit keyboard. Using it in the dark is a challenge.
ASUS ZenBook UX303UA

ASUS ZenBook UX303UA

Asus ZenBook is one of the best laptops for Hackintosh, owing to it being extremely thin and light. Weighing just 1.2 kg. The laptop has a touch screen.

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It offers a QHD+ display, a more-than-handy 512GB internal space, 8 GB RAM, and top of a line Intel processor.


  • The laptop has a powerful 6th-generation Intel Core i5 processor.
  • Asus ZenBook has 512 GB SSD Storage.
  • The laptop has an Ultra-slim 0.7-inch design that weighs just 3.2lbs.
  • Asus ZenBook has a long-life battery.
  • The laptop has a one-year warranty.
  • Asus ZenBook has a 13.3-inch screen.


  • The laptop has advanced SSD storage for speed and reliability.
  • Asus ZenBook has a crisp, stunningly-detailed display.
  • The laptop has a reliable battery that can last up to 7 hours.
  • Asus has a backlit keyboard that offers the best typing experience.
  • The laptop has a touch screen.


  • The laptop has no separate numeric keypad.
  • The screen can be a little bit reflective.
  • Asus ZenBook WI-FI glitches.


Asus Rog is one of the best Hackintosh laptops in the market. The laptop has a 7th-generation intel core i7 quad-core processor.

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The laptop has a screen display of 17-inch which gives you a good wide range of viewing with 160o.

The Asus ROG runs on Windows 10.


  • Asus ROG has a storage capacity of 1TB. This is one of the best features a laptop can have.
  • The laptop has a 17.3-inch big screen. This is good for watching movies and playing video games.
  • Asus ROG laptop has 16GB RAM. This is good for gamers and video editors.
  • The laptop has extensive connectivity. It has all the connections you’d need for gaming peripherals and an external display.
  • The laptop is a 7th-generation intel core i7 quad-core processor.


  • The best laptop for Hackintosh is fast and has large storage space, which reduces your cost of buying extra storage.
  • The laptop has a reliable battery.
  • Since it is a gaming laptop it has excellent fans. These are great for cooling the laptop.
  • The laptop’s display gives you a wide view and reduces eye strain. 


  • Asus ROG laptop is designed with a plastic casing. Plastic is not durable.
  • The laptop does not have clear audio. You might be forced to buy external speakers.
HP - Spectre x360

HP – Spectre x360 Touch-Screen Laptop

The HP Spectre is one of the most affordable Hackintosh laptops on the market. The laptop has 13.3-inch infinity LED-backlit touch screen display.

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The laptop has impressive performance due to its longer-lasting battery life. It also has a stunning style from any angle.

Amazingly thin and light in a visually stunning metal body.


  • The laptop is a 7th-generation intel core i7 quad-core processor.
  • This Hackintosh laptop has a reliable battery that can last up to 12 hours.
  • HP Spectre has a 13.3-inch touchscreen display.
  • HP Spectre has RAM of 8GB and a total storage capacity of 256GB.


  • The laptop is light in weight, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • The laptop has a long-life battery that can keep your laptop awake for the whole day.
  • HP Spectre is made of a metal body. This ensures the laptop is strong and durable.
  • The laptop can run complex models without overheating or getting hung up like other laptops.


  • The laptop has Windows 8.1 installed and it is difficult to update to Windows 10.
  • The laptop speakers are low, which forces you to buy an external sound system.
  • The laptop is bulky somehow due to its metal body which is not good for students.
Newest HP Spectre

HP Spectre x360 13t Touch Laptop

This Spectre 360x laptop comes with a brand-new 8th generation Intel Core i7-8500U.

The processor scores at the top of its class in multiple benchmark tests for CPU performance and SSD write speed.

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It comes equipped with a 512 GB SSD using the faster PCIe technology for higher bandwidth and with 16 GB RAM providing great performance in a portable, lightweight format.


  • The laptop has 16GB RAM and 512GB storage capacity. This is good for students and home use.
  • This best laptop for Hackintosh has -a new 8th generation Intel Core i7-processor.
  • HP Spectre laptop has a display screen of 13.3inch.
  • The laptop has three years warranty, this ensures you that the product is of good quality.
  • The laptop has an impressive HD panel with HD Active Stylus Pen and Thunderbolt Support.


  • The laptop has great CPU performance and SSD write speed.
  • The battery stays charged for the whole working day.
  • This Hackintosh laptop is lightweight. It is easy to move around with it.
  • The laptop comes with advanced antivirus software.


  • The laptop uses an old version pen – the pen does not have charging capabilities.
  • The hinges are poorly aligned. When you flip into tablet mode, it does not flush properly with the backside.
  • CPU fans are poor – the laptop keeps overheating. This is not good for gamers.

Laptops for Hackintosh Buying Guide

If you’re planning to build a Hackintosh laptop, you’re at the right place. I’ve scoured the internet and dug through countless pages of forum posts to find the best laptop for building a Hackintosh.

I will not repeat information that you can already find on the internet, but rather, I will present it in a way that will help you make an informed decision.

There are various factors you need to consider when looking for top Hackintosh laptops.

Make sure you read the guide carefully so that you can know the type of laptop that will serve you.


The laptop should have the ability to slip into a laptop bag and travel with it anywhere. This is one of the key features when buying your laptop.

Battery life

For convenience and working on the go, the battery should last at least ten hours. For easy identification of a durable battery, look at the ratings of the battery. You can search for the battery’s ratings online.


The minimum required RAM for the best laptops for Hackintosh is 4GB. The more RAM you have the faster your laptop will be able to access data, and the more you can run applications smoothly.

8GB or more is recommended if you intend to use high-power software.


The minimum storage a good Hackintosh laptop can have is 500GB. If you need a laptop to operate applications that require high storage go for those that have 1TB.


When it comes to CPU you will find there is core i3, core i5, and core i7. For an entry-level laptop, core i3 is good.

For the best performance in high-end laptops, go for the Intel core i7. 


Most budget laptops only come in 720p, which is decent enough for a small display size. The display resolution will determine how sharp your screen will appear. Because of that, aim for at least a 1080p display.


Is Mac the same as Hackintosh?

A Mac is a computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple while a Hackintosh is a PC that has been modified to run Mac OS.  Both Hackintosh and Macintosh laptops run either Apple’s OS X or macOS OS.

Hackintosh is using mac OS on a laptop or desktop PC you build or something prebuilt – without the need to buy a mac.

What is a Hackintosh laptop?

A Hackintosh laptop is a modified computer that is running the Apple Macintosh operating system with non-Apple hardware.

It’s a modified version of a simple laptop or desktop so that it can run Mac OS. More like hacked Macintosh.

Is Hackintosh better than Windows?

Mac is way better than windows so a Hackintosh will be better than windows. Just make sure you get the right laptop for Hackintosh.

Hackintosh works quite fast and the way you interact with it is just better overall. Windows is good for gaming only.

Is Hackintosh legal?

According to Apple, creating Hackintosh computers violates Apple’s EULA and is thus illegal (per the DMCA).  A Hackintosh computer is a non-Apple PC running Apple’s OS X or Macintosh.


Great list! I would consider the Asus ROG to be a good Hackintosh laptop as well. It’s already a bit Macbook-like – it is lightweight and has slim bezels. Plus, it has all the required features.

A good Hackintosh laptop should be able to handle your needs and should be compact enough. 

The best Hackintosh compatible laptop is determined by the cost, the quality, and the features it has.

Where to buy

If you liked any of the laptops for Hackintosh above, you can buy them from your local store or buy them online from any of the above stores:

  • Amazon
  • E Bay
  • Home Depot