Best Laptop Keyboards for Typing

Not every laptop qualifies to be the best laptop for writers. Much like video editors, engineers, and photographers, writers have their requirements when it comes to their favorite writing tool. Although to outsiders, all that a writer needs is are a laptop this is far from the truth.

Most writers spend long hours writing quality content; therefore, they need good laptops with the best keyboards for typing. However, with tons of options out there, choosing the right laptop with the best keyboard for writers could be tough.

From highly responsive keyboards to backlit keys, the laptops in this guide have everything that writers need. Pick the best machine that suits all your writing needs and get started!



Which Laptop Brand is the Best for Writers?

The brand does not count; what is important is the laptop’s features. The best laptops for writers need to be fast, have attractive key travel distance, easy to work, and keyboard backlights.

What Does 2-in-1 Laptop Mean?

These laptop/tablet hybrids usually come with rotatable or detachable keyboards. This means the screen can be used as a laptop or as a touch screen independently.

Is Chromebook Good for Writers?

Chromebooks operate on Chrome’s proprietary OS; this means you don’t have to worry about virus protection. They are cloud-based, which means it’s impossible to lose your work and boot almost instantly. However, for them to operate fully, they require an internet connection, which can be challenging when writing on the move.

Best Laptop Keyboard for Writers Buying Guide

There are myriads of laptops available in the market, and it is a daunting task to decide which one to buy. Besides the price, there are several factors that are ignored by many buyers. However, we have a remedy for this problem. 

Whether you’re a student, freelancer, or work in an office, here are some factors that will help you secure a good laptop for yourself.

Backlit Keyboard

A backlit keyboard is quite useful in poorly lit environments. When looking for backlit keyboards, ensure that they have at least two brightness levels. Excessive backlighting may lead to eyestrain in low-light environments.

Keyboard Style

If you’re looking for a good laptop keyboard, go for a Chiclet keyboard with extra spacing between the keys. These keyboards look sleeker from a design view but have no perks or drawbacks over traditional-style keyboards.

Keyboard Feel and Quality

Mostly referred to as tactile feedback, the general “feel” of the keyboard should be one of the most crucial concerns when looking for the best laptop keyboard. Always look for a keyboard with a soft-feel and one with less key travel.

Also, go for a keyboard that doesn’t have every key. Some laptops come with repetitive keys and can hamper your typing style and make it tough to locate useful keys like backspace and arrow keys.


A small screen makes the laptop more portable but also translates to less working space. If you’re into full-time writing, a 13-14” lightweight laptop is ideal for you to carry around with ease. If you’re always on the go, a 13 or 14-inch display is enough. However, if you don’t travel much, you can buy a 15 or 17- inch screen.


A laptop is a huge investment that should provide value for a long time for any writer. The best laptop for writing should serve you for years without compromising performance. For reliability, laptops should pass the test of software and physical reliability. This means you need a well-built and durable laptop that can withstand daily use.


Operating on a budget doesn’t mean you won’t get a top-notch machine. There are many laptop models on the market, so it’s possible to find one that doesn’t leave a dent in your wallet. The best part is that as a writer, you don’t need a super-powerful laptop to support your programs. You can go for a middle-level laptop that has excellent writing and browsing capabilities.

Battery Life

It is crucial to buy a laptop that provides at least 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. Even if you’re always near a power outlet, you should go for a machine with a good power backup in case of an emergency.

However, if you’re always on the go, you might opt for a laptop with more battery life.

Operating System

Depending on your writing needs, you need to pick an OS that suits you. Windows OS is the most popular and versatile since it has easy variability and functionality. Most writers use Windows products such as Excel and Word to write, so it makes sense to use a Windows machine.

If you love the clean look of Mac OS, you can use either Air or Pro. Apple comes with its own ecosystem, and you can either shrivel or thrive there. Additionally, Chromebooks have ChromeOS, which is less functional than macOS and Windows. However, this OS is free of any virus attack, Windows bloatware, and malware threats. If all you do is writing, this is a good bet.

Best Laptop Keyboard for Writers Reviews

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop

ASUS Chromebook

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop comes with a 12.5-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution that offers crisp images, decent color, and solid brightness. This convertible laptop has a 292-nits brightness level, which provides a wide range of viewing angles.

This laptop comes with an island-style, backlit, and full-size keyboard that offers an outstanding typing experience. The Flip has good keys functions that offer 1.6 millimeters of key travel. It also has a buttonless touchpad that provides a solid feel and enables precise navigation to each click.

This 2-in-1 laptop comes with high-quality speakers that blast enough sound to fill your room with high-quality audios. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop offers at least 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, which gives you plenty of time to write.


  • 12.5” Full HD
  • 4GB RAM
  • ChromeOS operating system
  • Backlit keyboard
  • 2.65 lbs
  • USB Type-C


  • Four modes of operation
  • Built-in antivirus protection
  • Flexible 360° hinge
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fast and efficient performance
  • Bright backlit keyboard


  • Many UI elements are not user-friendly in tablet mode
  • Less port hubs

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3″ Touchscreen

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

If you’re looking for the best laptop for writers with a detachable keyboard, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a good bet. While it’s a bit pricey, it has a good return on investment. Since it’s a Microsoft laptop, it comes with preinstalled Windows 10. The Surface Pro comes with a 2736×1824 resolution that is suitable for watching videos.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3″ Touch-Screen has an Intel i5-1035G4 processor that makes it powerful for day-to-day use. This laptop has excellent performance and display quality and comes complete with a highly responsive screen for writing and drawing.


  • 12.3” FHD
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 15-degree drawing and writing angle
  • 2736×1824  resolution
  • 256GB SSD
  • Up to 10.5 hours


  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Frame feels sturdy
  • Bright screen and outstanding color balance
  • MicroSD reader
  • Has a Solid State Drive
  • Fast charging


  • Chunky bezel
  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Surface pen and keyboard are sold separately

Google Pixelbook Go – Lightweight Chromebook Laptop

Google Pixelbook

This lightweight laptop is among the best machines a writer can own. The Google Pixelbook Go – Lightweight Chromebook Laptop comes with a backlit keyboard with quiet keys, and is barely 2 pounds and 13 mm thin. With its lightweight and grippable design, the Google Pixelbook Go is designed for life on the Go

This 13.3” FHD Touchscreen comes with an 8th Gen Intel CPU and 1920×1080 resolution. The Pixelbook does not come with a fan, so you don’t have to worry about noise when writing. However, this laptop runs on Chrome OS, so you must be conversant with Google Docs and other Google writing products.


  • 13.3” FHD Touchscreen
  • Backlit keyboard
  • 1.3GHz memory speed
  • 1920×1080 resolution


  • Built for speed and comfort
  • Quick and responsive processor
  • Built-in antivirus software
  • Quiet and comfortable keys


  • Not compatible with Windows

Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core

HP Spectre

The Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core laptop is a powerful tablet and laptop in a single machine. This laptop comes with a convertible design and is touch-enabled, making it a good laptop for writing when on the go. The 13.3″ laptop comes with state-of-the-art features like a USB Type-c port, Touchscreen display, fingerprint sensor, excellent backlit keyboard.


  • 13.3” IPS Touchscreen display
  • 512GB PCle
  • Windows 10 Home OS
  • Bluetooth 4.2 combo


  • Stunning full HD display
  • Outstanding performance
  • Slim body and lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Great backlit keyboard


  • Expensive
  • Loud fans

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft  Surface Laptop 2

This stylish 13.5″ laptop comes with a good keyboard and a highly responsive touchscreen display. It comes with an i5 processor that is fast and supports many tabs and programs, providing you with the best writing experience. It also has a long-lasting battery that serves you for up to 14.5 hours on a single charge. What’s more, it has high-quality speakers that offer you outstanding sound quality.


  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB RAM
  • 14.5 hour of battery life
  • 13.5 touchscreen display
  • 2.75 pounds


  • Clean and elegant design
  • Lightweight and thin laptop
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Great battery life


  • Less durable power adapter
Best Laptop Keyboards for Typing


Being a writer is challenging; you need to be a researcher, creative, and an artist all at the same time. For you to achieve this, you need a powerful companion to digitize your work.

This guide will help you get the best laptop keyboard for writers that will suit all your needs.