Best Laptops for Toddlers 2022

At times, it is quite tempting to give your laptop to your baby when they become nagging and want to use your gadget.

This could eventually lead to incomprehensible losses.

Getting your child a good laptop for toddlers will save you the pain of losing your precious device.

Mostly, kids have very little to do with laptops. In fact, they are only out for fun. At their age, all that they find becomes another toy.

In addition to fun, the best laptop for kids should present your child with an opportunity to learn or reinforce what they have already learned. Therefore, let’s see some of the best toy laptops you can consider for your child.


Why Should You Buy Children’s Laptop for Your Child?

A few decades ago, desktop computers were must-have gadgets. Today, every average family has a laptop, if not several of them. As children grow, they learn by imitating their parents.

Therefore, is it right to buy a laptop for toddlers? 

Yes, that is quite OK only that you don’t want to risk spending too much on a toy that might get damaged sooner than you can imagine. 

All the same, here are some reasons why you need to get your kid one of the best laptops for babies.

  • They are Cheap

Compared to standard computers, laptops for toddlers are quite cheap. On average, a laptop for babies costs less than $20. Mostly, these gadgets don’t have an operating system, which makes them cost that little.

As kids advance in age, some laptops simulate the functions of a standard computer’s OS.

  • They are Safe

As technology developed, crime was never left behind. Therefore, laptops for babies mainly ensure that your baby is safe from online criminals. If they use your laptop, they may get exposed, and the consequences could be dire.

Also, since the devices run on batteries, there are reduced chances of your child suffering electric shocks.

  • It’s Interactive

Compared to other devices at home like the TV, the best laptops for toddlers are more engaging. TV programs make the child passive, but a toy laptop will require the baby’s input for them to have fun.

Pressing buttons on the laptop to have it produce sounds is far much better than sitting and watching programs on the TV.

  • Educational

As the child interacts with the laptop, it gives them a learning opportunity. As they press the button and the devices sound the alphabet and sentences, then your child will be learning.

Just like Baby Mozart changed ways of learning from home, a laptop for babies would also help to teach basic literacy skills.

Laptop for Kids Buying Guide

Here are some factors that you should consider when shopping for the best laptop for your kids. Please leat on and get more information.

  • Age

When sourcing laptops for toddlers, age must be the first thing you need to consider. As children advance in age, their toys become sophisticated. Therefore, you need to consider which laptop will fulfill the desires of your child.

Most importantly, every product comes with a description and age recommendation.

Getting the right toy will create a sense of ownership as well as an enhancing responsibility and ownership in the child.

  • Price

As it is with standard laptops, different brands will always go at different prices. Mostly, an entry-level laptop for toddlers will cost between 10 and 20 dollars. 

Since kids can, at times, be destructive, you should only start with a gadget that doesn’t cost much. Once the child learns how to take care of the cheap toy, you can be assured that they can handle improved gadgets.

If they ever get damaged, cheap toys won’t hurt your account as a standard laptop would. Therefore, before buying a laptop, make a budget, and stick by it.

  • Size and Weight

Even for adults, a laptop should be easy to carry around. Actually, that remains the same even for children’s laptops.

Small and light laptops will always work best for kids. A thin laptop will most times be light in weight, and a small keyboard is the best for babies. A slim laptop will be the best when it comes to the child carrying it around.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to how comfortable the gadget feels during use. Comfort is critical when it comes to using any tool or device. You don’t want to end up with a device that will leave your child’s fingers hurting from long use poor quality keyboards and touchpads.

In that case, you better take your kid along to help choose the laptop that feels most comfortable for them. By doing so, you’ll be sure that the device you buy is not only cute but also comfortable to use.

In addition to that, the best laptop for kids should have easy navigation features so that it doesn’t end up discouraging them.

  • Durability

Whenever buying gadgets for kids, durability is a key guiding factor. Kids tend towards being rough. Therefore, the device you choose should be strong enough to withstand numerous falls and knocks. Don’t forget that kids will most likely unintentionally spill liquids on the laptop.

Therefore, when choosing an ideal laptop for toddlers, make sure it has a stout build and is resistant to liquids. 

If anything, you don’t want your child to come back to you after just a few days asking for another laptop. Or worse still, you never would like to have them use your laptop for a toy.

Best Laptops for Kids Reviews

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green

Is your child between 2-4 years old? Well, this Pretend Computer is one of the best laptops for toddlers that you should consider getting for them.


The LeapFrog Leaptop comes with a wider and better simulation screen that packs the whole experience with fun. Also, it features four learning modes and 26 animal animations.

Specifically, the device gives your child a chance to learn the letters of the alphabet, their names and sounds, and simple words that start with the letters.

In the message mode, your kid can pretend to be communicating through emails with the help of Scout.

When you get to games mode, the child has fun playing letter games that reinforce learning as well as animal trivia. The fun isn’t complete without music. Therefore, the device comes with 16 songs and melodies.

Also, the Leaptop can be personalized to help the child with their spelling words. When it is time to travel, the device has a perfect handle to enable kids to carry their gadgets along. At the same time, the gadget uses 3 AA batteries that allow your kid to have fun anytime, anywhere.


  • The device has a wide display
  • It is light in weight 
  • Has four learning modes
  • It has 26 animations
  • Roleplay helps develop computer skills


  • The price is a bit higher than other gadgets

VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy

VTech Baby's Learning Laptop, Blue

Do you want to introduce your pre-school child to the path of learning? Well, this laptop for toddlers will be one of the best learning toys for your baby.


In case you are wondering what toy to buy for your baby who is between 6 months and 3 years, then here is what you have been looking for all the while.

This baby’s laptop comes with three learning modes where it teaches about common objects and their shapes, music, and feelings.

Since the device is for kids who are so young, it comes with only nine keyboard keys that light up the screen and teach basic learning concepts.

For a real-like experience, the device incorporates a movable mouse of a perfect size for babies. It also comes with 90 songs that the baby can sing along to, sounds, and phrases.

Notably, the device only needs 2 AA batteries that help to light up the screen and play the sounds.


  • The device is easy to use
  • Light in weight: weighs 1.4lbs
  • Best for pre-school learning
  • Has over 90 songs
  • Perfectly sized for toddlers


  • The gadget doesn’t have any alphabet

VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange

VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange

For an advanced toy that will help your child with much more than fun, the VTech Tote and Go Laptop should be your choice.


First, this gadget comes with 20 learning activities that will keep your child engaged and entertained. The kid will learn how to spell words, pronunciations, logical thinking, and dozens of animals. All you need are 2 AA cells, and you are good to go.

Also, the kit comes with several games that help in critical thinking and music from different genres.

Definitely, pre-K learning features a computer screen that helps the child to get a computer-like experience. The toddler laptop also has an attached mouse that helps to introduce basic computer skills at a tender age.

Most of all, you can customize the device by adding the child’s name, favorite food, avatar, favorite tunes, and much more detail.


  • The device is light in weight
  • Comes with over 20 learning activities
  • Enhances critical and logical thinking
  • Plays different genres of music
  • It is customizable


  • It lacks backlights

Parting Shot

What are the Best Laptops for Toddlers

You don’t have to risk losing your precious laptop because your child decided to imitate you. You can actually spend a few coins and get the best laptops for children, and that will keep the kid entertained.

When choosing the best laptop for children, consider their age and security. For toddlers who don’t use the internet, cyber safety is not much of a worry. All the same, make sure the material used is safe for children.

Most importantly, let the device reinforce your child’s learning. Don’t lose your computer to these angels’ curiosity, get them theirs, and you will be at peace.

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