Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

In a world where the majority of things tend to make some noise, silence is a great luxury. This noise is what has prompted innovation in the making of noise-canceling devices in the market.

Open Back Headphones for gaming represents one of such changes. The device is designed in such a way that the ear covering has a horizontal perforation form of fashion design. It is embedded with a lot of openings in its structure.

However, we also have closed-back headphones whose external cups have no perforations and have a solid structure with no openings.

The decision to come up with the right gaming headphones cannot be taken lightly due to the weight it has on the user.

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Therefore, before coming up with the right choice of audio device one has to follow some helpful guidelines


Best Gaming Open Back Headphones Reviews

If you are looking to acquire quality gaming headphones, colors and software choices should not bother you, check out my favorite gaming headphones;

Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X

Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X

Even though the price of the ATH-ADG1X open-back model is slightly higher, in my opinion, it is one of the most amazing headphones. It has 53mm drivers that are very clear and also accurate tune when it comes to FPS.

The 3D wing support present in this device might not be new in the market, but its flexibility and reinforcement are higher than that of other gaming headphones. The cups in these headphones are fitted with soft cushions which makes them comfortable and friendly to the skin.

The device is also equipped with a special headband that exerts just the right amount of pressure on the ear. The user can thus employ the earphones comfortably during long gaming sessions.


  • 3D wing support
  • Sponge ear pads
  • Accurate FPS frequency
  • 53mm drivers


  • Flexible 3D wing support
  • Special headband
  • Superior communication clarity
  • Accurate FPS drivers


  • Slightly expensive

Sennheiser Game ONE Headset

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

This gaming headphone features a standard interior design with its headband set up to stay over the ears. The pads of these headphones allow the ear to breathe as they are plush.

The noise cancellation technique in this device is impeccable and allows your game mates to understand you clearly. Thanks to the tender nature of the sponge, after few hours of playing the game, your ears would not experience any hurt.

The volume control of this device is also integrated into the cable.


  • Plush ear pads
  • Noise cancellation equipment
  • Cable with volume control
  • Soft ear pads


  • Friendly on the ear
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Effective noise cancellation effects
  • Clear audio recordings


  • Separated mic jack and audio

Sennheiser HD 599 SE

Sennheiser Consumer Audio

This is relatively the most recent model in the market and the most unique open-back headphones. An innovation from the Sennheiser is not among the cheapest headphones in the market.

The HD 599E represents the rare Sennheiser design in the market currently. The headband ties around the cups of the ear with paddings that are tender and comfortable on the ear.

Even though the design is simple, it is well suited for gaming and recording sessions. However, to obtain a lot from this device, the audio device employed must be decent, which is a quality audio device.


  • Padded earpads
  • Angel traducers equipment
  • Up to 38,500 Hertz frequency response
  • 6.3 millimeters jack


  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Simple yet quality design
  • Sound is improved by the power
  • High clarity levels


  • Slightly expensive for ordinary gamers

Grado Prestige Series SR80E

Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

This is one of the most renowned manufacturers of gaming headphones in the industry. Like most headphones in the market, SR80E is created in a way that gets out of the way of the quality audio drivers.

One of the unique features of this headphone is that the pad can be replaceable, which makes the headphone durable. Sound clarity is also another unique feature of this device combined with a balanced frequency.


  • Clear sound stage
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Quarter-inch adapter
  • Lightweight and prestigious


  • Earpads are replaceable
  • It is affordable
  • Sound is balanced in all frequencies
  • Grado pedigree


  • Build quality is moderate

Buying Guide for Open Back Headphones for Gaming

The decision to purchase gaming headphones is very critical, as everyone would want to get the value of their money. Therefore, one needs to consider several factors before selecting the right headphones;

  • The reputation of the manufacturer
What are the Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

The reputation of the manufacturer plays an essential role in influencing the decision to purchase headphones. Ensure that you come up with a list of all manufacturers in the market and compare their reputation before selecting the one to serve you.

The reputation of the manufacturer can be obtained by reading online reviews from clients who have purchased from the manufacturers. The reports are obtained easily on an online platform.

  • Price of the device

Having a budget before making a purchasing decision is also an essential step to follow. Once you have your budget, ensure that you search for as many alternatives that fit your budget as possible.

Select the one you consider to have desirable features. Failure to have a budget might cause you to inconvenience your other projects as you might be forced to stretch your budget.

  • Frequency accuracy

Different devices have different accuracy levels. Ensure that you compare the accuracy levels of all alternatives and settle for the one that best fits your budget. Frequency determines the clarity of the sounds that are produced by the audio device.

  • Noise cancellation

Moreover, noise cancellation is a factor to consider when selecting the right audio device to serve your gaming and listening needs. The environment in which we find ourselves sometimes is surrounded by noise that makes it hard to concentrate on gaming with mates.

However, noise cancellation devices are able for the gamers to converse without disruption. Go for headphones with a powerful noise cancellation effect.

  • Effect on the ear

How the device is designed, will have an impact on the ear of the user after long hours of being exposed to the device. Ensure that the pads are designed so that they are friendly to the skin and protect the ear’s sensitive tissues.

When proper care is not taken when selecting the right pads in their headphones, they might be in danger of suffering an ear infection.

  • Seek advice from friends and family

Consulting friends, colleagues, or family members will do you good when deciding to purchase the headphones. Some of your friends or family members might have acquired the audio device recently.

Talking to them will enable you to obtain information on the prevailing prices, their experience with the device, and why they arrived at that choice. Such information might prove vital in decision-making as it will enable you to compare the service offered by that device and compare it with your needs.

When they confirm you can be able to acquire the same product. You thus go to the market with an idea of what you want to purchase.

Final Words

Careful examination of the features of the above open-back headphones for gaming will enable one to come up with the right choice. Also, consider paying attention to the guidelines above as they provide insights that are necessary for decision-making.

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