Can I Mount My Computer Monitor on The Wall?

Mounting your computer monitor is a great way to give your workstation a cleaner, more attractive look, adjust your viewing angle and experience ergonomics, comfort, and efficiency, and fit into a smaller office space.

But can your computer monitor be mounted on a wall? This quick guide will help you know whether your monitor is wall-mountable or not.


Can I mount my computer monitor on the wall?

The short answer is yes. It’s possible to mount your computer monitor on your wall. You first need to consider whether or not your monitor can be mounted. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is an organization that regulates the standardization of computer display mounts. Therefore, any monitor VESA-approved built-in mounting brackets can be mounted on the wall using standard tools.

There are two main types of mounts: desk-mounted and wall-mounted. Wall-mounted mounts can be used when your desk isn’t adjustable. However, a desk mount is the best bet if you have an adjustable desk.

Most modern computer monitors come with the ability to use a standard base, so you can easily mount the monitor on a wall. However, you should ensure that your wall mount can accommodate the monitor’s weight and size.

Always use monitor mounts that can hold your large screen monitors while being flexible enough to allow you to change from landscape mode to portrait mode if you want a different view or need to free up desk space.

Additionally, you should leave enough space for easy access to cables or other components at the back of your monitor. Keep in mind that your display height may need to be adjusted depending on where you plan to sit.

How do I know if my monitor can be wall-mounted?

Most monitors come with VESA mounts included. The only thing you need to buy is the mounting arm itself. If you want to know whether your monitor is wall mountable, check the mechanism used to attach it to its current stand if it’s mounted on a stand.

A wall-mountable monitor has four screws near the center of the rear side of your computer monitor. Nowadays, some monitors have a quick-release clamp that your monitor sits into. If your monitor doesn’t have screws, you likely have a quick-release option.

Benefits of mounting a monitor on the wall

It saves space

Apart from being efficient, a monitor mount saves a lot of space. If you use your laptop on a table, mounting your monitor will save you a significant amount of space.

It is aesthetically pleasing

With the right arrangement and installation, a monitor wall mount will reduce the number of cables and wires exposed, making the desktop look neat and tidy.

Better Viewing angles

Mounted monitors have better visibility compared to flat-screen displays because they have increased height above the surface they’re being viewed from.

Easy to clean

Since your monitor can move around easily, cleaning it won’t be a pain. You can easily wipe any dust accumulating on your monitor.

What kind of monitor mount do I need?

Whether your monitor is VESA-compliant or needs an adapter, ensure you choose the right mount for your needs. Keep in mind your screen size and the weight ratings for your selected mount. It’s important to know the different types of mounts and their specs.

A freestanding mount is the most affordable option, allowing you to change your screen’s angle, height, and rotation without worrying about clamps or drilling holes in your desk. However, these mounts don’t have adjustable arms, making them less customizable and adjustable.

Clamp stands are the most common VESA mounts, giving you a full range of motion to adjust viewing angles. Wall mounts are the most versatile and attractive option, saving your desk space and offering a range of adjustability and motion options. However, wall mounts should be used in a secure wall stud to attach safely. Ensure that your monitor doesn’t exceed the weight limit of the wall mount.


Can all monitors be mounted?

Yes, all monitors can be mounted. Nowadays, monitors are VESA-compatible and are built with removable stands and VESA mounting brackets for easy installation. However, even older monitors can be mounted using simple tools using a clamp or desk mounts.

What is a VESA mount?

A VESA mount gives a universal solution for attaching flat-panel monitors to walls or other firm surfaces. Most modern monitors come with a VESA mount. If you want to check whether your monitor is VESA-mount compatible, start by checking its documentation.

Can I Mount My Computer Monitor on The Wall?

Are VESA wall mounts secure?

Absolutely. VESA wall mounts are very secure, provided the brackets are mounted on a strong wall and screwed correctly and properly. However, ensure that the VESA mount supports a display within its weight rating.


Mounting your computer monitor on the wall will help you save space and support ergonomic benefits while working or gaming. Whether you have a single monitor or multi-monitor setup, ensure your screen is mountable or invest in an adapter for safe mounting.

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