Omen by HP 25-Inch FHD Gaming Monitor Review

The HP Omen 24.5 Monitor is among the best gaming monitor among plenty of options in the market.

Although the Omen 24.5 isn’t a top feature-rich monitor, it offers incredible convenience, outstanding MS response time, DisplayPort, and HDMI.

This Omen 24.5 offers everything you can expect from a top-class gaming monitor.


HP Omen 24.5 Performance

The most outstanding feature of the HP Omen 24.5 is that it has no ghosting or blur, which helps gamers concentrate on precise targets and movements.

This monitor enables you to adjust settings and has a 1MHz response time speed. What’s more, you can simply change the response time to fit all your gaming needs.

The HP Omen 24.5 features a 144Hz display but doesn’t have unique gaming specifications such as crosshairs. However, it has AMD FreeSync that helps you sync the monitor’s refresh rate.

The gaming experience is almost perfect thanks to the 42 frames per second over HDMI and DisplayPort. Additionally, all Omen 24.5 ports are placed at the base edge of the panel.

Design and Connectivity

The HP Omen 24.5 has a sleek and robust design but doesn’t feature adjustability. The monitor can only be tilted at 23°, or VESA mounted with a 100x100mm pattern.

The monitor has 400 nits brightness adjustment, 144Hz, 1080p resolution, and 8-bit color support that offer an excellent viewing experience. However, the color is not as good as some similar monitors in the same category.

The main OSD menus are very feature-rich, helping you control everything from adjusting RGB-gin values to superimposing a speedrunning timer. Additionally, the monitor has DCI-P3 color space that gives you a general feeling of how the Omen 24.5 is good at watching TV shows and movies.

HP Omen 24.5 Monitor Features

  • FHD 1080p resolution
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • HDMI and USB 3.0
  • Built-in headphone hook
  • VESA mount adapter
  • TN panel technology
  • Detachable stand
  • 24.5-Inch diagonal FHD
  • Arsenic-free monitor glass, mercury-free LED backlighting

HP Omen Pros

  • Quick response time and low input lag
  • AMD FreeSync and G-Sync compatible
  • 240 Hz refresh rate
  • Favorable  build quality and styling
  • USB ports
  • Outstanding image quality
  • An ideal budget gaming monitor

Omen 24.5 Cons

  • Slow startup
  • Screen blanks when intense video programs begin
  • Tilt-only stand
  • Inferior image quality
  • Narrow viewing angles


The HP Omen 24.5 is a gaming monitor for specialized players that want games that can reliably push hundreds of frames per second. If you want to stay competitive at a serious game level, a HP Omen 24.5 is the best bet. If you can handle the monitor’s small complaints, the HP Omen 24.5 will offer you ultra-fast refresh rates at a competitive price.

Where to Buy

The Best HP Omen 24.5 Monitor Review

If you’ve settled on HP Omen 24.5 as your dream monitor, first, look for the best online deals in the market.

Online dealers like Amazon, Walmart, and Homedepot have the best deals in the market. Make sure you’ve verified the online dealer before you place an order.