Lenovo Flex 5 Series 2-In-1 Touchscreen Laptop Review (Updated)

The new Lenovo Flex 5 Series with a 15.6″ display provides you with enough room for work. Its speakers are of high quality, and they make the laptop the best for playing games and music. It has a battery with long battery life to allow you to operate it the whole day.

However, this new design is slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessors, and may not be easy to carry around. Below is a review of the Lenovo Flex 5 Series 2-In-1 touchscreen laptop. By the end of this article, you will know more about its features, pros and cons, and where you can buy the product.



If you use your computer for both work and entertainment, this is the one to go for. The 15.6 inches (1920 x 1080) full HD screen gives you enough space to work, and when it is movie time, the screen offers a clear display of the videos.

It quickly changes between four modes; the laptop, tablet, stand, and tent so that you can do your work in your most comfortable position.

This laptop weighs about 4.4 pounds, which makes it possible to carry it around in your backpack. However, it gets uncomfortable when using it as a tablet because it is heavy. You can set it on your lap or a table and work comfortably.

It also has two USB 3.0 ports, one on each side, an SD card reader HDMI out, and a mic/headphone jack. To connect to Ethernet, you will need an adapter.

Enjoy the latest Lenovo Flex 5 series with an operating system of Windows 10, a fast 8th generation processor of Intel Quad Core i7-8550U. The processing speed of 1.8 GHz features a Turbo 4.0 GHz,4 Cores, 8 Threads, and an 8MB Smart Cache. Its storage space is 512GB, which is expandable and a RAM of 16GB.

Do not worry about typing in the dark because its keyboard is backlit. A press on the Function key and the Space bar activates the backlit, a second press makes the keys brighter, and a third one will turn it off.

It is Bluetooth enabled, and it has a fingerprint reader.

Lenovo Flex 5 Series 2-In-1 Touchscreen Laptop Review

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What I like about this product

  • It has a long battery life
  • The computer is fast
  • It has a great screen color

What I did not like about the product

  • The air vents are at the bottom, so it gets super wet when you use it on a clothing
  • It is uncomfortable to use it as a tablet because it is heavy


Considering the screen’s size and the laptop’s convertible properties, it is the ideal one for anyone who uses their computer for work and entertainment. Though it can be heavy when using it as a tablet, there are other options like putting it on a table or your laps.

Where you can buy it

You can get this product on www.amazon at affordable prices.